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Q:  Why are certain sessions not included in the Buy 2 discount  Sale?

A:  The sessions not included in the Buy 2 discount Sale require more than other sessions such as set up/clean up, a location fee, permits, more props, etc.  These sessions will typically be scheduled on a specific weekend and only a certain number of clients will be accepted due to space/time constraints.


Q:  Can minis be used anytime through the year?  
A:  Yes, some minis can be used at any point in 2019 (Outdoor minis can be used between April - October) 
Q:  Do minis have to be holiday/seasonal themed?  
A:  No. You can do almost any theme during minis (minus cake smashes, Glitter set and Flour/baking set).  Minis don't have to have a theme at all, I can do a simple non-theme session.  I just need to know a day or two before what theme or idea you want or the outfit to build a session around. Some sets are limited edition; meaning once they come down, they will no longer be available. Sets with characters (such as Santa or Grinch etc. are not included.  Location minis, such as Barn minis and Christmas Tree Farm minis are not included.)

Q:  Are minis just for kids? 
A:  No. Some sets are themed for kids, and some sets are small but you can do a family mini for almost any of the themes/setups. I try to make some of the holiday sets big enough for families.  I can do family minis in studio and outdoors. 
Q:  Can I use one of the minis for Christmas this year? 
A:  No the Christmas Minis are not included in the Buy 2 discount Sale.
Q:  Can I buy a mini package for my newborn?  
A:  No, babies need to be able to sit up to participate in minis but remember you have a whole year so if baby is a newborn now, they will probably be sitting up by May of this year and can start joining in on the fun! 
Q:  Can the General Session be used for a newborn? 
A:  No. They are 2 different type of sessions and two different prices. There will be a Baby Plan (milestone) sale at some point during the year though.  
Q:  Can new clients purchase a mini package? 
A:  Yes! Anyone can purchase the package. 
Q:  Can I use 1 set for my 4 year old's birthday, one set for myself, 1 set for 4th of July, and 1 set for family?  
A:  Yes. They are your minis to use how you would like (see above questions for limitations) 
Q:  If I don't use them all can I roll them in to the next year? 

A:  Unfortunately, no. Because I do a new package every year, I do not allow them to be rolled over (nor do I allow upgrades to full sessions). You will be added into a private group where you will get first dibs on time slots through the year so you will have plenty of opportunities to get them booked! 
Q:  Can I purchase this package in a few months?  
A:  No. This sale only happens once a year so get them before it's over!   (Sale Ends Jan 12, 2019)
Q:  If I decide in a few months that I don't want this package can I get my money back?  
A:  No these are non-refundable. 
Q:  Can I purchase more than 1 package?  
A:  Yes, a lot of people purchase 2 packages so they have more minis to use through the year. 
Q:  How do I pay for it? 

A:  I take payments in the form of Facebook Pay, PayPal*, the Cash App, Zelle and Cash!  Fees apply if PayPal is your preferred method of payment.

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